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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lesson 8: Take (good) advice!

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I'm concerned that I may have offended some people with lesson 1. I really hope and pray that's not the case. I value – more than I can put into words – everyone who prayed for me, text me, emailed, rang, and visited me while I was ill and I value the fact that they were there with examples from experience. I especially value the fact that they kept my feet firmly on the ground when I was liable to get annoyed, frustrated, or ignore the pain and carry on regardless.
It's hard to take advice sometimes. Especially when you don't want to hear it. But we have to remember the Lord uses our friends to give us a wake up call sometimes. Unfortunately, sometimes people will get it wrong which is why we should always weigh up what others say against the Bible, and even if in doubt the counsel of other wise and trusted Christian friends. But if the only reason we're rejecting what someone says is simply coz we're stubborn or we do'nt like it, then we need to own up to that and ask God to change our hearts.


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