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Monday, June 26, 2006

Lessons: An introduction

It struck me yesterday just HOW MUCH God, by His wonderful grace, has taught me over the time I've been ill. I reckon I'm functioning at around 90% now - hallelujah! The best bit of that is that I'm starting to be able to think a lot more clearly. Annie and I were chatting yesterday about how being ill physically just affects everything. It's weird, but it's so true. Anyway, I digress.

As I said, the best bit is that I'm getting better at processing thoughts and this 'fuzziness' I felt I had hanging over me has pretty much gone. So, I'm planning to spend time with God sifting through all the things He's taught me - some reminders, some new lessons where He's just gone 'boom' - and writing them down. Mainly for future reference! I guess to some extent I've already incorporated them into my blogs but I thought that I'd blog them one by one over time and hopefully they'll be a bit more coherent, and an encouragement. They'll appear as and when.


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