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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Couldn't put it better

Two things to share that have really challenged me today, and helped me, and reminded me of how Great God is.

1. Read me.

2. This, by JI Packer:

Western Christianity is "this-worldly in a way that can only be described as a radical distortion. For today, by and large, Christians no longer live for heaven and therefore no longer understand, let alone practice, detachment from the world. Nowadays, nonconformity to the world is limited to the means the world adopts to achieve its goals, and rarely touches the goals themselves. Does the world around us seek pleasure, profit and privilege? So do we. We have no readiness or strength to renounce these objectives, for we have recast Christianity into a mould that stresses happiness above holiness, blessings here above blessings hereafter, health and wealth as God's best gifts, and death, especially early death, not as thankworthy deliverance from the miseries of a sinful world, but as the supreme disaster...Is our Christianity out of shape? Yes, it is, and the basic reason is that we have lost the New Testament's two-world persepctive that views the next life as more important than this one and understands life here as essentially preparation and training for life hereafter."


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