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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The view from the other side of the fence

It was so SO great to see Abi again. But also hard, and weird, to see her so unlike herself. To see how this illness, whatever it is, is affecting her, weakening her. To see how it's affecting her family.

And when she had to lie down and have a nap one afternoon, when all we'd done since getting up late was watch a video, it struck me how just a month and a bit ago, that would have been me.

It's amazing how far I've come physically in the past four months. Read some of my entries in March and April and you'll see how little I could do! Praise the Lord.

But praise Him also for how far I've come spiritually. Constant reminders that in Him is my peace, in Him is my rest, in Him is my life...constant reminders that nothing is about me! It's weird how being ill physically can affect your whole self - emotions, concentration, confidence...everything. It really shook me. But it's reminded me that God can never be shaken. It's reminded me that He never changes, and so as long as I find my security in Him, all is good.

Seeing Abi like this has shown me what my friends and family must have seen, to some extent, in me over the past few months. It was kinda surreal. Having been through this whole experience I felt like I should have some sound words of advice to offer her. But it was nice to at lesat understand how she feels. And I just pray that God works in her heart over this time as He has done in mine - all for His glory.


Blogger Anna said...

So wonderful to see God's glory shining through in such difficult times. Praise God that He is making you better and I pray that He will do the same for Abi very soon!

Your blog is such an encouragement hun, keep up the good work! XxXXXx

7:19 AM  

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