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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Attempting to measure the immeasurable

Maybe a little premature as there's still nearly
three weeks of official term-time left, but on my mind.

How do I measure four years?

By the age of the child I started my baby study on in my first year?
She's nearly four. That a child can be ready to start school in the space of time I'm at uni is weird.

By my own age?
I'd rather not...

By the places I've lived?
Obviously Wales. But in terms of uni...Bridges, Windermere Road, Carnarvon Road, Sherfield...

By the fact that the mid-teenage girls who go to Carey, who I met on a camp just before I came to uni, are now adults with jobs?

By the friends I've made?

By the ways they've impacted on my life?
Ditto above.

By the number of Bible books I've studied in cells?
Not in any particular order (and not including this term): Matthew, Luke, John (twice), 1 Corinthians (twice, I'm that old), Isaiah, 2 Timothy, Genesis, Amos, 1 Peter, Philippians, Jonah, Ruth...

By the money I've spent?
Definitely rather not.

By the places I've been?
From the not-quite-so-exotic: Walton-on-Thames, Southampton, Swindon, London, Oxford, Newbury, Mortimer, Slough, Guildford, Maidenhead, Chertsey, Thatcham, Skegness, Birmingham, Oswestry, Bournemouth...
to the slightly-more-exotic: France, Barcelona, Jersey, Ledbury (Dyke House!), Pwllheli and of course Godalming..

By the grades I've got?
Still haven't got my final mark.

By the things I've done?
Or failed to do...?

By the number of times Wales have won the 6 Nations?
Once. Which is good enough to keep me happy for the next 27 years. But next year would be nice...

By the parties I've been to?
80's, masked, fancy dress, worst jumper...and just general!

By the books I've got and/or read?
Too many of one and not enough of the other

By the number of new family members I have?
Three (soon to be five) cousins once removed or summat...and two 'cousins in law'.

By the number of CU hoodies/tshirts I have?
4 of each.

By the number of grey hairs I've found (or have been found for me)?

By the fact that my brothers are growing too quickly?
One is driving, working...the other doing his GCSE's

All these things could in some way define my life, and me,
over the past four years.
But how else can I measure that time?

By the way I've grown? (Spiritually, although I'd like to think in height as well...)
In many ways I'm a completely different person to the scared little fresher I was back in September 2002. A change for the better I hope...I know.
I've learnt so much about God, my relationship with Him...
I've learnt about how that impacts on my life - every single aspect of it - about how it impacts on my relationship with others...
I've begun on the road to understanding grace (I say begun because I don't think I'll ever fully understand it this side of heaven)...
I've learnt more about the Bible...
I've learnt more about God, and in so doing,
I've learnt more about me.

But there's one way I think is the best way to measure the past four years,
if I'm to measure them at all...

By God's love and grace.
I cannot measure them.
And so in my funny sleep deprived state of mind they're the perfect measurement of the last four years.
There is no limit to God's love for me...and there are countless ways He has shown me that love in the past four years.
There are also countless times, limitless times, when I have called out to God and received the grace which covers up my sin.
As much as the thought grieves me, I know there will be countless times more when I cry out...but I know those cries will be answered.
I know that the only way to measure the past four years - the only way to continue to measure my life - is by God's grace.
It is infinite, it is indescribable....
and mysteriously, wonderfully and amazingly,
it's what I live in.


Blogger Anna said...

what a wonderful blog!!!


5:29 PM  
Blogger Lou said...

: D i'll miss you!.xxx

2:41 AM  
Blogger FloydTheBarber said...

Good times Ceryn, thanks for that.

2:46 AM  

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