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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Down to us

Just flicking through some documents and found this that dad sent me a couple weeks ago. Didn't read it properly at the time being in the middle of revision and had completely forgotten about it! (Sorry dad!)

Anyway, seeing as he never updates his blog I decided to post this here coz, well, I found it challenging and wanted to share it! Hope that's ok dad...

Down to us.

Some people don’t believe that Jesus lived at all;
or that he died and rose again, making his gospel call.
And some can’t understand the Truth which sets us free.
How much of that is down to us, because of what they see?

This world may well believe that there is a better way
if it didn’t make much more sense to live just for today.
But they don’t understand that, to live, you first must die.
How much of that is down to us, when we pass others by?

Some people still believe that Jesus Christ is Lord,
despite the real threat to life, from famine and from sword.
The rest don’t understand why faith can’t compromise.
How much of that is down to us and the way we live our lives?

If we believe the Word of God, and confess from lip and heart,
then Jesus Christ, our Saviour God, is Lord of every part.
So when we pray his kingdom come, on earth, as it is above,
how much of that is down to us, and the way we share his love?

© Graham Oakes, May 2006


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