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Saturday, June 03, 2006

I need to tidy my room

Walking back from the shop just now was just thinking that if I pass this exam on Monday it will be a miracle! Please join me in my thought process...

Without wanting to blow the trumpet of my (hopefully) soon-to-be-profession, SLT (Speech and Language Therapy, to the ill-educated amongst you) is not all that easy! Not least because it requires the ability to multitask! (Maybe that's why so many SLT's (Speech and Language Therapists) are women....)

Annnnyway. My point is this.

Whilst (certainly not wishing to blow my own trumpet) I'm normally rather good at multitasking, since I've been ill I've got what I call a 'fuzziness' hanging over me. Swtiching attention between one thing and another requires a great deal of concentration, and is now a very slow process indeed. I also seem to have lost my memory somewhere (if you find it, do let me know please!) and have inherited the need to write lists and reminders for absolutely EVERYTHING (although I've not yet got to the stage where I need to write a reminder to remember to read my lists...!)

This is quite a change, and it's hard. Although this 'fuzziness' as I call it (although perhaps best described as 'emptiness'!) seems to have its advantages - I wander round in blissful ignorance of pretty much everything at the moment!

So as I said, with day-to-day stuff presenting a challenge to me, this exam is going to be very hard. I have to prove to them I can in fact be a speech and language therapist. Right now I'm not sure I can.

But then - well, isn't everything a miracle?!

Those blades of grass right there....

The plane trails in the sky I've been focused on since I left the shop (see - even oblivious to the need to look where I'm going. Nearly walked off a station platform t'other day).

Anyway - those plane trails. Isn't it amazing that someone had the idea to create a plane. And not only did they have an idea - they did it! And it works!

And the trails- they're turning more and more pink as the sun gets lower. The clouds are getting pink and it all looks so lovely. You can explain that away with science, but I know better.

It's a miracle.

Those people sat there having a BBQ (I'm NOT jealous...) - do they realise that their existence is a miracle?

Back to the plane trails again. They're not straight. Now is that coz the planes themselves are turning or coz of the curve of the earth or summat. In any case - the earth. It's sustained, it keeps's here.

It's a miracle.

Those trees, that bee, nature, my own life. The fact that I'm here at all. It's a miracle.

It's all the miracle of creation and it's all down to my Father the Creator. And I love it. I love Him! And I'm remembering that He's in the business of miracles.

He's also in the business of Love, Faithfulness and Planning What Is Best For Me And His Glory.
So, I figure Monday will be just what He wants it to be. Which means it'll be fine. :-)


Blogger Jonny:) said...

also sounds like it's a miricle if your ropmm ever gets tidied ;-)

9:53 AM  
Blogger Anna said...

Wow and AMEN!

2:51 PM  

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