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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I should be working...

I've recently started reading this.

And I love this.

So I wrote this:

Can you tell me He's not there?

When you look into the sky
When you feel a gentle breeze,
Do you ever wonder why
This world ever came to be?

When you climb a mountain high
Or watch fish in gentle stream,
When you hear a waterfall
Is there meaning there at all?

When you swim in glistening sea
Or build castles in the sand,
When you lie in meadows green
Do you start to understand?

When you think and talk and move
When you watch a bird in flight,
When you really feel alive
Are you still looking for proof?

When you stop just for a time
Just to wonder at the earth,
When you ponder all around
Can you tell me He's not there?


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