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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Lord, take me deeper

I don't often listen to music while I'm working. I'm one of those people that needs relative silence (I say 'relative' coz the library, for example, is often TOO quiet for me. I cna't handle the pressure of not being able to talk!).

Anyway, last night I was shattered and couldn't concentrate any more but still needed to do some work, so started typing some stuff up. Didn't take that much brain power so put a CD on in the background...Helen leant it to me - Songs for the Cross Centred Life. It's great!

And this song just made me stop in my tracks and praise God.

The Glories of Calvary - Steve and Vikki Cook

Lord, You're calling me to come
and behold the wondrous cross.
To explore the depths of grace
that came to me at such a cost.
Where Your boundless love
conquered my boundless sin,
and mercy's arms were opened wide.

My heart is filled with a thousand songs,
proclaiming the glories of Calvary.
With every breath, Lord how I long
to sing of Jesus who died for me.
Lord, take me deeper
into the glories of Calvary.

Sinners find eternal joy
in the triumph of Your wounds.
By our Saviour's crimson flow,
holy wrath has been removed.
And Your saints below
join with Your saints above,
rejoicing in the Risen Lamb.


Blogger thebluefish said...

That is such a great album... shouldn't be all that novel to have an album where every song is about the cross. Enjoy the glories of the cross

2:37 AM  

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