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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lesson 5: Not because of what I've done

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One thing I found especially hard about being ill was not being able to support cell in the ways I had been. Not just actually running the cell group, but meeting up with people outside of cell, inviting people round to dinner, just chilling with them and being there for them and building a sense of community. I couldn't do any of that and when cell just folded I felt guilty. I felt guilty that I hadn't supported Isaac as he took over, I felt it was my fault that people stopped going to cell coz I wasn't there for them, wasn't encouraging them.

But as much as it was important that I supported the cell members and got the cell going and gave my all to didn't happen because of me. God is totally in control and He knows the needs of individuals in cell way more than me. He is concerned for their good and His glory and nothing I do or don't do is going to affect that. And He knew that I'd be ill and unable to do the things I had been doing.

Praise the Lord that people don't come into His kingdom on the basis of me. Praise the Lord that whilst He uses us – hallelujah – it's not about us. And whilst I should be eager to care for people and tell them about Jesus, sometimes I just won't be physically able to. And that's ok.


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