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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Ok, God just blows me away sometimes. I'm sat here struggling to revise. I'm in a bit of pain - nothing much really - but a lot on my mind as well and concentration just isn't there.

My family's got a lot going on at the moment, indicidually and collectively, and a couple of difficult/delicate situations to deal with.

And an old family friend - someone we knew when we lived in the Falklands - who we'd all but lost touch with, just rang. Completely out of the blue. None of us have seen or spoken to this guy in about 10 years. 10 YEARS!!!

And why did he ring? Purely and simply to say that our family's been on his mind for a couple of weeks now and he had to ring and tell us he was praying for us.

Random coincidence? I think not!

Be encouraged - God rocks.

And it might sound silly but now I SO wanna revise! All for Him, all for Him. For the Creator of the universe. For the very same One who looks on me with unconditional love. For the Saviour of my soul. For the Great 'I AM'. For the King of Kings. For the Alpha and Omega. For my Father, my Daddy, who carries my family in His hands right now. For the God of peace. For Emmanuel. For my Amazing God.

In Him, for Him, through Him.



Blogger Timmy C said...

Praise God! I just LOVE it when God does that and lays someone on your heart or visa versa.

Praise God that he's supporting us in ways we never think of.

Praise God that he can motivate us, through reminding us he's with us to the end, to do all things, even revise!!


1:56 AM  

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