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Thursday, March 23, 2006


So I woke up today feeling tired, with just a little bit of pain but generally GOOD. Praise the Lord, coz I've had a busy few days so to be feeling pretty good is amazing.

And then I trundled back to the docs. Could do that walk in my sleep now! Which is just as well coz I was half asleep this morning, haven't got up that early for a while!

Apparently I have a urine infection (so no, there was no need for that nasty blood test yesterday after all!)

I won't go into all the details of why it's taken them so long to discover it. But I am now in the possession of some antibiotics which are gonna kill all the nasty little bugs. Mwahahaha.

What's caused it? I dunno, I think maybe the English water has finally gotten to me...need some good ol' Brecon Carreg!

I still need to take it slow for a while but woohoo we're getting somewhere.

And I have MUCH to praise God for. Please join me! He rocks.


Blogger Lou said...

hooray! praise God!


7:34 AM  

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