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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lessons learnt...

Read me first!

I hope I've learnt some lessons from that experience. Some of them I've learned before, but it seems I need to be constantly reminded. If I ever look like I'm forgetting again, please bash me with a rugby ball or summat and make me remember...

1. Pride is BAD!!! (And God doesn't need me!)
I could call myself 'experienced', having been a Christian for a good long while, most of my life in fact. But that puts the focus on me to be able to deal with life and all it encompasses. The more experience you feel you have, the less you feel the need to rely on others. BAD!
And I was rubbish during Hope week. I couldn't motivate myself to have conversations with people (NB: big mistake, trying to motivate yourself instead of letting the gospel motivate you...) And yet, lo and behold, people still became Christians! And people in my very hall came back to God, and others started asking questions. Well, well, well...

2. Time with God is PARAMOUNT.
During a 10 day stretch, with Hope week smack bang in the middle, I had about 7-8 hours, spread out, where I was totally by myself (that includes sleeping, coz I had various people staying in my room!). Some of that time was spent with God, but most of it was spent doing work, filling in my Relay form, checking emails...not good! As much as it's fantastic to spend time with people and enjoy fellowship, if you don't set aside time to be alone with God you suffer. And to be honest, He deserves it, and it's just the better thing to do...

Did you know that God LOVES us?! Like, properly even calls us his CHILDREN?! I mean, the creator of the universe calls me, even after seeing me turn my back on Him and seeing my utter worthlessness, his daughter!!! And there's nothing I can do to make Him love me less or make Him love me more. He just LOVES me. He's lavished His grace on me!

4. The battle is already won.
Keep an eternal perspective. Jesus has defeated death. This life presents momentary and passing troubles. One day we'll be in heaven!

5. God deserves my praise - ALWAYS.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, my comment is the same as the other one.
Miri x

1:47 AM  
Blogger *Dannie* said...

The last quote you did on number 4,) 2 Cor 4: 16-18 amazingly just last night that's one of the quotes I chose to read during cell as we were concentrating on laying our burdens and troubles at the bottom of the cross- because the last week I've been having trouble with that too...

Our God is just so amazing that no matter what I do I still get shaken to the very core of his enormous love for me, even reminding me when I just read one of my friend's blogs. Thanks Ceryn, just to be reminded of his grace is enough to cope with anything
Feel well soon, we're all missing you!

5:01 AM  

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