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Friday, February 17, 2006

That's all folks....

...for now at least! My head's swimming but my dissertation draft is about to be emailed off to my tutor. Hope he takes note of the time and gives me extra marks for dedication!

Its not finished but it will do for now. I have to prep for tomorrow, Linguistic Assessment Clinic at 9am. Errrrgggghhhh.

But hey, God is good. I've been immensely awake all day considering I only had 4 hours sleep! And I shouldn't have had that much sleep but I slept right through my alarm which i VERY rarely I'm counting my extra two hours as a gift from God! (despite the fact I missed a lecture...oops).

He's brought me this far, He'll keep taking me...




Blogger Timmy C said...

he'll keep taking you on with him, on to greater things, greater than you can imagine - because his plans are both for his glory, and to prosper you!! :D

see you Sun :)

2:15 PM  

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