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Saturday, February 11, 2006

God's grace



Kinda overwhelming innit?! No, I mean, really. Like if you REALLY just sit and think of all the ways God's grace has been evident in your life in just ONE day...

And then think about the week, the month, the year....

Grace which means I'm welcomed into the courts of the King (yes, I'm listening to Matt Redman's Facedown album!)

I'm overwhelmed by grace at the moment, so much so that I'm wandering round in a kind of daze (more so than usual!). Here's just a few reasons why...

I made it through placement on Monday after very little sleep all weekend!


I made it through placement on Tuesday after VERY little sleep for a few nights...!

God is working in the lives of my friends- Christian and not - and I can SEE it, and what's more, I have the privilege of being part of it!!

I got this text from Issy yesterday - "Dude life is amazing. God is amazing. Wow dude. I'm feelin the love lol. wooohooo. just wanna shout, Jesus loves me!"

I had an exam yesterday which I haven't worked hard enough for. Nowhere near hard enough. Partly due to not much time (!) and partly tiredness and partly low motivation for it. But TOTALLY by God's grace I passed! There were eight questions and I only knew the answer to one of them! So it IS totally by God's grace! Praise His name!!!

And on the subject of work...I had 9 hours sleep last night! That's too much! Clearly I may have needed it but it's set me back for the day! (So why am I writing this blog?! - To shout about grace!) It's set me back but is there any point letting that worry or stress me? I have MUCH to accomplish today.

But I can, with grace. Totally and utterly with God's grace can I get through my dissertation and everything else I have to do today. This day belongs to Him: "This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it" (Psalm 118:24)

And, if all else was rubbish in my life, God's grace would still be evident in my life, in that I am one of His children. HOW amazing is that?! Praise His name today for His grace. Wonderful, amazing grace.

Let's keep running - in grace alone!


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