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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bibles and smiles - good times

Well tonight Tim and I gave Issy a Bible and a couple of other bits and pieces. After her initial protestations and adamant statement that she couldn't accept it, she gave in (you don't fight two Celts and win that easily ;-) )

And wow, to see the BEAMING smile on her face as she flicked through the Bible - "It's got an Old Testament dude!" - and flicked through the Bible study notes, and read the bookmark and the poem to go with the 'Cross in my pocket'....well, I nearly cried! (Tim was closer to tears than me, mind!)

I cannot put into words the joy it gives me to see her walking with Jesus now, to see how God has answered my prayers for her, to see how God is using her in the lives of her friends and especially the way He is using her to encourage and challenge me in my walk...

What a blessing. God is amaaaaaaaaaaaain. Praise His name!!


Blogger Kat said...

How awesome... and exciting!! I saw Issy when we left the lunchbar and Tuesday, and she was just so clearly chuffed to have a bunch of people come over to her and say "hi" while she waited for a lecture...

Aren't we Christians just so friendly?!


1:53 AM  

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