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Sunday, April 02, 2006

The news in brief...

Our top story:

14 months, 4 visits to schools, 17 children (not her own, you understand), 1 dictophone, 3 dictophone tapes, roughly 10,000 words, 7 or 8 tutor meetings (and several avoidances thereof), countless books and articles, endless trips to the library, too many late nights, even more early mornings, 1 trip to casualty, scores of emails, an annoying amount of stats, too much time at a computer, £12 to the library in printing costs (never mind photocopying), 2 grey hairs and 1 wonderfully steadfast God later...Ceryn's dissertation is in!

In other news...

Notes from RUCU Cell Leader's Training Weekend available, long overdue, here.

These should provide reading material while Oakes heads off to the wilds of Skegness for Word Alive- Something Kath touches on, alongside the joy of being God's child.

Meanwhile, Ed muses on just how powerful and amazing our God is. Yeah! He also adds his thoughts to Mo's on the role of CU/Church.

Life, times, amblings and ramblings will cease to broadcast for approximately an 8-9 day period, but it is hoped the above will keep you going. Read more too. Read the Bible, feed your soul. Please check back soon.

Now though, in the words of brother Nathan;



Blogger thebluefish said...

u take really thorough notes... nice one.

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