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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Why do papercuts sting so much?!

I'm too tired to think of anything to write but I'm looking for distractions from work and trusty old is always there...

So, to some quotes!

Steve LW: (referring to a USB stick!) It can only go in one way
Tim: Yeah, that way, like that
Steve LW: But I put it in the other way

Steve LW: I came up with this title for a youth event by mistake - it was a typo!
Ceryn: Maybe it's divine inspiration
Steve LW: Quite often when I do something stupid in planning I'm trying to work out if it's me being stupid or God being stupid
(I'm sure he didn't mean it like it sounds!)

Tim: There are no side effects to being in heaven!

Sal: How many car parking spaces are there?
Tim: Catapulting spaces?!?!

Ceryn: I don't understand why I'm so tired, I didn't get outta bed till 10am
Kat: Yeah, but you didn't GO to bed till 3:30am and you haven't been to bed before midnight all week!
Ceryn: Oh yeah....

Well that was a nice interlude!
Back to work...!


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