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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Suddenly, it seems,
The light has dimmed,
The fire no longer roars
In this heart full of sin.

Suddenly I notice
Gradually You’re fading
As I shut the door
And don’t let you in.

Suddenly I’m where
I do not want to be
I’m drowning, suffocating
My soul cannot breathe.

Suddenly I realise
Sin is overtaking.
All I want to be and do,
THAT I am forsaking.

Suddenly it dawns,
I’m prevented by my shame
From bringing this to You,
At your feet my burdens laying.

Suddenly, glorious revelation
I need carry no shame.
For great is Your faithfulness
And so true is Your Name.

Suddenly that Name
Is more dear to me than ever
As I plead for your forgiveness
And stand in grace – hallelujah!



Blogger Bill Bill said...

hi. couple of comments. First... I had speech therapy when 7 years old which took care of my lisp and just set things right (and am now complimented that my English is very good - and not because I'm a black guy... which is almost sounds offensive if it weren't sincere). Second, I can't read your dark fonts due to the background. Highlighted them to get this far...

9:23 AM  

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