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Monday, December 26, 2005

They think it's all over...


It's Boxing Day. In some families I guess the festivities continue (they do in ours - tradition holds that we spend this afternoon/evening with my mother's side of the family....more presents!)

But I guess also for most, that's it. Christmas is over. The party is done, for another year.

What a shame.

In church yesterday we heard the real message of Christmas. The message of a God, in total love that there are no words to describe, sending His one and only son to this earth. Why? Now there is the question.

To live, amongst us, Emmanuel - God with us. To grow, to die. A wasted life? A meaningless death? Was that it -was it over?

Well, yes, if you only see Jesus as a 'good man' or a 'prophet'.

But He wasn't. If you see Jesus for who He is, then you have glimpsed something amazing, awesome, splendid and beautiful. And when you have glimpsed that, a glimpse isn't enough. To know that He died for you brings you to your knees. We are not worthy to stand in front of a Holy God - but we can. We can because if we accept Him, He sees Jesus, His son, in us.

And our lives are His.....gladly I give my life to God because life IS meaningless any other way. Any other way my life would be wasted and meaningless. Christmas would be wasted and meaningless.

And in church yesterday we also heard that the message of Christmas isn't for one day. God with us. Jesus saw the need. He saw our need. And He stepped into our world.

He's still doing that today. He's still knocking on the doors of our hearts and all we have to do is invite Him in. I LOVE how simple it is.

So is it all over? Praise God, no-sirreee! The party continues. Especially as we say "here I am, Lord, send me" - as we see the need and we step into other people's we take the message of Christmas, the message of Jesus, to them and please God see them saved.

"Joy to the world, the Lord is come..." Indeed. Joy, utter joy. Joy that will last, no matter what, forever.

"Hallelujah, King forever..." Indeed. Not just to be remembered on Christmas day, but to be served all year through. Not just King of the joy, but King of the sadness, of the hurt. Our refuge.

"Let earth receive her King" Indeed!!! Let's REALLY receive Him.



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