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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


So I'm sat here surfing the net, checking emails etc and what do I hear upstairs? I hear a CD of Christian worship songs being played.

And I hear mam singing along.

Nothin' remarkable about a Christian singing worship songs, you may think.

Mam's had a really tough couple of days in work. She's also still battling long-term health problems. Both our cars have needed amounts of money spent on them today. Christmas is coming and she'll be cooking for at least 11, possibly 14. She's still got two more days of work to go, with early mornings and late evenings. We got home from work at 7pm tonight. She's now icing the Christmas cake.

And she's praising God. The things mam face at the moment are nothing compared to what some people have to face, true. But my point is; she's tired, she's weary, and yet she's singing "shout to the Lord, all the earth let us sing, glory and majesty, praise to the King".

Hallelujah. I cannot express to you the joy that is in my heart to hear her praising God right now.

And the glory goes to Him.

Now I'm singing...


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