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Thursday, December 15, 2005


So Ed went and got all nostalgic last night....although I'm not complaining, I like a bit of nostalgia every now and again!

As I said in my comment on his blog, friends are great, friendship is indeed precious, God given, and we should praise Him for it!

I nearly went on but decided Ed's comment page wasn't the appropriate place for what it felt like could turn into quite an essay. But go and check out Ed's blog - it's great and I'm especially loving his posts on Colossians atm!


Friends. Friends are great! And like Ed was saying, it's sad when we move on to different places. That was certainly my experience at the end of the summer term. To be blunt, I hated it! I hated the fact that people I'd spent the past three years of my life with, who knew me SO well, were leaving. I hated the fact that other people I'd started uni with who, ok didn't know me as well but were still great to have around, were leaving.

But God's been showing me this past term that it's exciting, too! Exciting because they've gone off to serve God in other places, in new ways...Exciting because even though I'm 'left behind' as it were, that's not a bad thing - far from it! Hallelujah! In fact, it's great! It's great because I get to serve God in new ways too. It's great because, just as they're making new friends, I am too! And not only that, but getting to know others better, those who I've known since they started uni but have never really gotten to spend a lot of time with. And now I can. What a privilege.

It's a weird mix of emotions - missing your old friends and yet having such joy at making new ones! I've loved this term, because of all the stuff I've seen God do, all the stuff He's taught me. And part of that has been through the fellowship I've shared.

Friendship is indeed precious. I've loved being able to go visit people who left last year, like Dave T and Ros and Dave Cox (still funny saying that!)...and having Helen back is great! And having Abi and Arwen come to stay (just Liz left now!). And it was great to see Sam, Chris and Steve at the carol service....and I had a card from Rachel and Oli today which was great and I look forward to catching up with them and others in 2006.

These times seem all the more precious when they're more rare. Why? I should cherish my God-given friendships more. I should be more thankful.

I've loved the fellowship I've shared with both my cell groups. And I've loved spending time with people who I always thought were great but never got to spend enough time with. And I loved the houseparty - getting to meet so many more people in RUCU. Precious times.

And I love the fact that I get to spend eternity with these people! Let's pray it's a BIGGER party - let's tell MORE people about Jesus!


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