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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Focused on God

Church this morning was great. I love church. I was SO excited about going. So excited about fellowship, so excited about going to praise God with other believers, so excited about learning more about God through His word.

Before I went to church I read this:-

"Examine yourself under the brightest light - the light of Christ. One of the elements of jealousy is a wrong comparison with others. When you get close to Christ you will hear Him say: 'Compare yourself with Me. Make Me your standard.'"
(Selwyn Hughes - 'Growing In Christ')

It's so true! We need to constantly be comparing ourselves with Christ. Because the simple fact is that we can never be fully like Him this side of eternity. We will NEVER match up. And that reminds us of how much we stand in GRACE, because God knows we can never match up to that standard. That's the whole point! We stand in GRACE! Pure, wonderful, abundant, amazing GRACE!

And so we need to keep our eyes fully focused on God. We need to remember that this is NOT about us, it's about Him. EVERYTHING is about Him. the good times, the bad, the times in between.


Jonathan Stephen spoke in church this morning on John 11:17-37, following on from last week.
I didn't take notes (REALLY wish I had!). But one thing he spoke about was summat I've been learning/been reminded of a lot the past couple of days.

When we stay focused on God, everything, although we may be in turmoil, is OK.

Seems weird. How, if we're in turmoil, can everything be ok?

In verse 24, Martha tells Jesus she believes her dead brother Lazarus, whom she is mourning, will be raised again at the last day. In verse 27 she confesses that Jesus is the Christ. Despite her grief, she is able to, when her eyes are fixed on Jesus, know that it will all be ok.

So why in verse 39 does she have a problem? Did she not really mean what she said earlier?

Or is it that she's taken her eyes from Jesus? She's focusing instead on the power of death, and letting that overwhelm her?

How, if we're in turmoil, can everything be ok?

If we remain focused on God, praising Him despite what we're going through, knowing that we stand in pure grace and looking always to the author and perfector of our faith, then we know we're safe in His hands and sin and death cannot overwhlem us.

Jonathan said something else which really challenged - and encouraged - me. Jesus is interceding for me! I knew that, but it hit home this morning. It it hit home what Martha says to Jesus in verse 22. That Jesus wants what's best for us, he KNOWS what's best for us, and it will be granted. Hallelujah.

And you know those times when you're in such turmoil that you simply do not know what to pray? The Holy Spirit intercedes for us too!

Two members of the Godhead are interceding on my behalf.


God is SO GOOD!

Overwhelmed by grace, and determined to stay fully focused on Him.


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