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Sunday, December 04, 2005

What kind of greatness...

Basil Howlett spoke on John 11:1-22 this morning in church.

Lots of things came out of it:-

1. It is possible for true believers to be sick! None of this "if you're really a Christian you won't be ill or poor" rubbish. Look at verse 3. It says quite plainly that Jesus loved Lazarus, and yet he still got sick. And we know Jesus loves us, we know that true believers DO get sick.....the love of Jesus doesn't exempt us from sickness in life. The men and women of God are STILL men and women.

2. True believers know where they can turn in a crisis.
Look at John 10:40. Jesus was the other side of the Jordan but Mary and Martha knew they could turn to Him.


3. It's not unspiritual to consult a doctor or take medicine.
It's the Lord who gives doctors etc their skills, it's Him who puts the raw materials in the earth from which medicines are made. YES God CAN heal miraculously...but He has also given us medicine. Many people take 2 Chronicles 16:12 to mean that it's wrong to consult a doctor...NO, Asa was condemned not for seeing a doctor but for ignoring the Lord. We should BOTH see doctors AND seek the Lord!

4. Mary and Martha didn't CLAIM healing.
We have no claims on the Lord. We're sinners, and He deals with us in grace and mercy. Mary and Martha just told Jesus and left the matter with Him.

True Faith
Genuine Humility
Gracious Submission

God will ALWAYS do what's best for us. In our perplexity we may not be able to see that. But it's true.

Our time on earth is fixed. It's sure. Every Christian is immortal until their work is done.
"Plagues and death around me fly, Till He bids I cannot die" (John Ryland)

If Christ be God and gave Himself for me...NO SACRIFICE IS TOO GREAT!!!
The biggest thing for me this morning was being reminded of how wonderful God is, how much I get caught up in my own little problems or how much I let the world get me down. I needed so much to be reminded of how much God loves me (how rubbishly easily I forget!) and that WHATEVER happens He's with me. And also that WHATEVER I'm going through, he sent His sone to die for me and deserves nothing less than my all. (I should listen to myself more often!)

What kind of greatness is our amazing God. He rocks!


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