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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Prideless Love

I don't like admitting my sin. I REALLY don't!! But I'm starting to realise that by admitting it to others it displays God's wonderful grace in forgiving me, and also that I'm not perfect (a shock to you all, I know!!), so anything I do is through Him. With that in mind, I'm gonna admit here - ashamed as I am of it - that I'm rubbish!!! But praise God he loves us even when we're complete muppets. We've been studying pride in cell, and last night we looked at the parable of the lost son. We looked at the older brother, how the pharisees were like that. And it struck me how often I've been like that. Praise God not for a long time have I been like this, and I pray no more!

I'm dedicating this to all my brothers and sisters in Christ - I love you!!

Prideless Love
“But what about me?”
So oft is my plea.
“I’ve worked and I’ve served
And I’ve prayed and I’ve read.

And I’ve gone with no rest
But I don’t feel blessed.
My strength I have showed You
In all that I do.

But they do not work-
They just get the perks
Of my labour, my effort,
My toil and my sweat.

It’s not fair!”

“My child,” Jesus calls,
In His ever-caring way,
“I love you, but please,
Hear what I say.

I value your toiling
For my kingdom and name
But doing works in your own strength
Is just not the way.

Let me now remind you
Of all I’ve achieved;
And remember the grace
Which you’ve gladly received.

In freely receiving
So should you give,
And rejoice with me, please,
Over those who now live!

Rejoice in their gifts-
That they’re different to you –
‘Cause you’re all different parts
Of my body, it’s true.

I’ve made you all different
But I call you all mine,
So you’re part of a family
That will last for all time.

Be a wise older sibling,
Not selfish and proud,
And welcome all people,
In my Name, to the crowd

Of believers, the ones
Who have called on my name
And in repenting and trusting
Have come to be saved.”

“It’s not about me”
Becomes my new plea,
“It’s all about You,
Your graciousness true.

I’ll forget this no more
But stand in You, sure
To through You do all things
Enjoying the peace You bring.

To bring glory to Your name –
And this with Your aid –
I’ll banish my pride,
Staying fast by Your side...

I'll love others in -
and to -

(Luke 15:11-32, 1 Corinthians 12:12-27)


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