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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Counting My Blessings

Placement really got to me last week...

Counting My Blessings

The pain of their heartbreak
Brings me near to tears
And the stamp of their birth date
Causes me fear.

Beyond the glazed eyes,
Beneath the limp limbs,
Despite what the doctor says
Things there are not so dim.

There’s a soul.

In the photos on the walls
The eyes are sparkling bright.
The limbs are full of life and
There’s not a doctor in sight.

But now there’s just a shadow of sparkle…

As the pain and fear grip
Naturally I question ‘Why?’
Tears are moving closer now –
But they mustn’t see me cry.

I count my blessings –
To God give thanks –
My eyes still sparkle,
I walk, talk, dance.

The photos show she loved to dance…

And then a greater sadness
Fills my heart to overflow;
Even in the sparkle of the pictures,
Still they didn’t know You.

So even then ‘twas a shadow of a sparkle,
Though it did seem so real
‘Cause Life is only found in You –
Only in Jesus’ blood sealed.

My heart is near breaking
It’s tearing right in two.
Shattered by Your love and grace-
I owe everything to You.

But broken also by the urgency
Of pointing all to Jesus, straight,
Before even the shadow of sparkle is lost,
So they’re saved, before it’s too late.


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