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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


This is silly, i can't even enjoy a pleasant walk through campus anymore!

I'm restless. Every time i see another person i wanna scream at them how much Jesus loves them. I want them to know the glorious message of the gospel.

And that's why i can't enjoy a nice walk - coz there are people everywhere! Seriously, every time i walk past someone at the moment i'm SO conscious of the fact that they need Jesus. I feel such a burden for complete strangers, never mind friends and family!

I don't just want to exist. I don't just wanna live. I wanna LIVE. I want Life with a capitol L. Anything else is meaningless. Meaningless, meaningless.

And Life is found only in my Saviour. I don't just wanna live. I wanna be Living for Him, through Him, in Him. I want to Live in light of the Life that's coming. I want His Life to be radiating out of me wherever i go.

And that's why i'm restless. I can't wait for Life. But at the same time i'm so conscious that so many people on this campus, in this town, in this country, in this world, don't have Life. They simply have life. And i want them to have Life!!! I want them to experience the joy of knowing they're loved, completely, utterly, wholly. I want them to share my immense hope for the future - a real, certain hope, not a dream or a wish. I want them to understand the amazing message of the gospel. I want them to have Life.

And i want them to glorify God, instead of ignoring Him. I want them to run into His arms and sing praises to His wonderful, worthy name. I want people to give thanks and worship to their creator.

I want God to be glorified in me. More. And more.


Blogger Steve LW said...

A M E N ! ! !

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