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Monday, September 12, 2005

man's best friend

The monstrous beast lovingly makes you feel at home, cuddles you, plays with you, makes you feel like you're great and then as soon as your back is turned.....goes to strike you down!

At least, that's what my dog evidently thought was happening this afternoon. There's builders next door. When i let my dog out into our back garden they were quite happy to play with her (there's no fence separating our garden from our neighbour's atm). then as soon as i called her back into the house, and she followed, the builder innocently picked up his next scaffolding pole.

Big mistake! He really shoulda waited till she was in the house. She whirled round and was there to protect me in an instant. i'm just thankful she didn't bite him or we coulda been in trouble. thankfully she's learned that her bark can bring even the burliest of builders to the point of tears. If it wasn't such a serious situation and she hadn't been such a naughty doggy i might be tempted to smile...or even laugh...


Blogger Timmy C said...

a dog's man's best friend?! I always thought it was the pineapple... or my cafetierre! aah well, it does good to be corrected ;)

4:05 AM  

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