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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Forum 2005

I've just come home from Forum - an annual conference for CU leaders run by UCCF. My role was to help cook, but thankfully i had the chance to attend some of the meetings and seminars as well. all awesome.

I loved Forum when i went last year and really, really benefitted from the teaching and the fellowship with other CU leaders from all over the country - it was such a great time of challenge and encouragement and learning.
So - i really wanted to go again! But this time not for myself but to work behind the scenes and contribute to a conference that is so invaluable. I hope i did that! I really enjoyed the experience of being in the kitchen. Which is a great answer to prayer coz when i was cooking on camp just two weeks ago i found it hard to not be 'involved' in everything that was going on and God really had to develop my servant heart! But on Forum i had a great time, thankyou Lord!

I think the fact that i was working shifts helped that too - doing morning shift i was, and that meant i was able to attend any afternoon seminars (if i wasn't sleeping!) and the evening meetings. God really spoke to me through all that as well. His grace is amazing. He is so worthy of our praise.

Anyway, thought i'd just update things a little. I've got a frantic week ahead of me trying to work on dissertation and pack for uni and get other stuff sorted before i head off to barcelona next week, so there may not be another post on here until next weekend - unless i'm looking for a distraction! ;-)


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Blogger FloydTheBarber said...

You were top Ceryn, it was great having you around!

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