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Saturday, September 03, 2005


i spent a really great afternoon with two good friends, ros and helen, today. as i started the drive back from Cardiff the sun was low in the sky - not low enough for it to be sunset, but low- at an angle where the sun's beams reflecting off of the mountains around me made them look even more, well, majestic, than usual. Do you know what i mean? there's something about driving - or walking/cycling/running for that matter - through mountains at that time of day, when the air starts to cool a little as the sun gets lower (yes, we do have glorious sun in Wales too, i'm not making this up!). It was an amazing view. i've seen the view itself many times before, and i've seen it in those specific weather conditions a few times before - and i hope i do again - but there's something so special about it each time. and each time i see that grandeur, i think of the creator. and then sings my soul....

This blog thing is great, innit?!!!


Blogger Timmy C said...

lol :P there is defeinately something about sunsets, sunrises, heck, all creation, that makes our souls sing. Seeing our creator's hand painting the sky in real-time is something you can never tire of, never lose the wonder of. It's just AWEsome!

keeping blogging it up Cez ;)

4:03 AM  

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