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Friday, September 16, 2005

Barcelona, here I come!!! (well, nearly!!)

so in approximately 42.5 hours i'll be on a plane to the wonderful city of barcelona. i'm writing my goodbye-till-october blog now coz i don't think i'm gonna have much spare time in the next 42.5 hours...
why is it that as human beans (BFG) we can be soooo lazy?! i sat down to watch the one o'clock news earlier while i was having my lunch and next thing i know it's nearly three pm! conked out completely! normally i can rely on my dog to wake me up coz she hates anyone falling asleep on the sofa - she comes and gives you a big disgusting lick to wake you up. but it seems even she was hit with the lazy bug this afternoon. must be summat in the air. change in pressure maybe...

so anyway, back to barcelona! it'll be great, it will, just right now i'm pretty tired and enthusiasm isn't at an all-time high! and coz i know i have so much to do between now and when my train for gatwick leaves i'm not sure it's humanly possible. but then, i work well under pressure. maybe that's why i always leave things till the very last minute, coz subconsciously i know i'll work harder. but not necessarily better. obviously a habit i have to break in my final year.

i find it slightly disturbing (in fact, i'm not sure how i find it, but almost feel like i SHOULD find it disturbing) that when i was sent my EHIC card (new version of E111) the other day - health insurance etc for travellers - they also sent me a form to register my organs for donation upon my death. what on earth do they think is gonna happen to me on this trip?!

i got a text today asking if i'd help carry some gospels over to spain. feel like a smuggler! aww, it's gonna be so great tho (i'm getting excited now). ive never done anything like this before. well, i've done missions obviously but not in a foreign country. well, i have, coz i've done 'em in England....ha ha ha ho ho ho.....but anyway it's a bit scary in that respect coz i really have no idea whatsoever of what i've let myself in for but the thought of going to tell people about Jesus is always exciting innit. woohoo! i'm being hosted by a spanish family!!!!!!!! they drew the short straw eh?! lol sed it myself before anyone else did....that's a bit scary too but cool at the same time. (i've never been very decisive...)

know what else is scary. my parents went out with dad's bro and his wife tonight for a meal and guess who they saw at the restaurant....well, you won't be able to guess so i'll tell you. two of my old teachers! (they're married). and what's even more scary is that they were talking about me today! well, it could be flattering that they still talk about me 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 years after i left school (wow! SIX YEARS!!!).....but then they were apparently talking about an incident on a school trip to france where i accidentally smashed a vase in a shop and a very irate french woman started shouting inches from my face and i crumpled into a very scared and upset little heap. i think my teacher had to pay for it. if you ever read this mr and mrs evans, you're both great, and when i'm rich and famous i'll pay you back. or at least rich, or at least no longer a student...! and you're great anyway - thankyou for all your hard work! what's possibly even scarier is that while they were out i was 'babysitting' my cousin Alex (she's 10, so hardly was i babysitting. more like enjoying the company of. she might have another way of putting it). anyway, the enjoyable part was beating both her and my nana at scrabble (a game i've never been able to play but i did really well tonight - even used all my letters!) and dominoes....the scary part was coming home and alex and i decided to put shark tale on but then looked at the bonus features and there's a bit -'oscar's club' - where they teach you some of the dance moves in the show. the shrimp dance - we had it down to a T, i tell ya! well, alex did....

ahhhhh the tiredness is setting in now which means i can either go to bed or ramble on here for a good deal longer. i know which you'd prefer and i love to keep my readers happy.... so ramble on it is! lol i'm only joking. bed time. although on my way i'm gonna make myself a NICE hot choc. prob shouldn't have one straight before bed but i'm wound up and excited now and need to calm down. and also i made one earlier and it was minging so gonna use a different choc powder this time. cadbury's shmadbury's. (i'm joking cadbury's, love you really!)

ah yes, bed! i'll update you on barcelona when i get back!

take care everybody


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