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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

i'm back!


Well i've been back less than a week but it feels like forever, so much has happened! and Barcelona was AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZIN'!!!!! i think i'm gonna have to set up a separate blog for my photos and to tell you all about it coz so much happened, i learnt so much, and so this post would go on for pages and pages if i told you everything right now!

but yeah, all i can say is that it was totally amazing. when i get my computer in my room to properly connect to the internet (it's being a bit temperamental at the mo) i'll put some pics on here.

but now it's back to good ol' you know, it's a bizarre feeling walking back onto campus after 3 months away and feeling like you never left...

and then the realisation hits that over the summer you've forgotten everything you need to know to pass your degree. think i'll be paying the library a few visits...

other than that all's good. it's actually nice to be back. it's great to see some familiar faces but also very cool to see so many people who i don't recognise, and look forward to getting to know over the coming year.

sorry this isn't really the comprehensive update i's coming...but as i said, probably have to set up a whole new blog...!

ahhh, God is great!


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