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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"Humility:True Greatness" - C.J. Mahaney - A Review

Well, I said I'd review this book WAY back in August. I really don't know where the past couple of months have gone!

I'm sorry I didn't review this book earlier, simply because it's great! And simply because it's about a subject which I need to consider and learn a lot more about! And because it's great! But perhaps it's ok that I left it till now - after all, it fits in with the study we've just done in cell on pride!

I've never read one of C.J's books before, but I now know this won't be the last, if he writes all his books like this!

I have to admit, I was dubious. I mean, come on, if you're writing a book on how to be humble, surely there's an essence of pride simply in that?! But what's great is that C.J. is brilliantly honest. Not cringeworthingly so, but just simply honest. You can tell, without him having to state it, that this guy is searching after true humility. Not the false humility we so often develop in our sinful hearts, but the humility Jesus teaches.

With humour and insight, C.J. offers the valuable gift of knowledge learnt not just from studying God's word on this subject but from the experiences God has given him. This book is tremendously easy to read. It took me months to get round to starting, but once I did, it was completed in a matter of days (and would have been sooner if work hadn't got in the way!)

I love this book, I can tell it's gonna be one I read again and again coz I want - I NEED - to develop true humility. Obviously there's no substitute for the Bible and prayer in seeking after this, but this book will certainly be a help! And especially because C.J. constantly points his readers back to Jesus, back to Scripture.

I don't know if I've just been ignoring it, but it strikes me that I haven't been taught much about humility, true humility. But it's something the church desperately needs teaching on! So praise God for leading C.J. to write this.

I STRONGLY suggest you read it. Read better reviews and BUY IT HERE!!! We all need to develop humility more and more in our lives. And one thing I've really learnt from this hugely practical book is that we need each other. Not only to keep each other 'on track' but we need to be honest with each other. We need to use our own gifts of experience - especially the bad! - to give advice to others.

And we need to become less, that our Saviour King may become more in us. We need to desperately seek after humility: true greatness indeed.


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