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Thursday, November 10, 2005

I Will Praise You

In the sweetness of
times that are good,
easily I proclaim
worship and praise
to Your name.

In the bitterness of
times that are bad
the joy is no more.
Hard becomes praise,
as I am unsure.

In the lull of
times in between,
complacency sets in.
Worship ebbs and flows
and I’m too content with sin.

But yesterday You loved me,
and all the days before.
Today you love me still
and will forever more.

No matter how I’m feeling
this truth remains the same.
No matter my emotions,
“I AM” will ever reign

You deserve
nothing but my all
In good, bad, in between.
‘Cause whatever I may go through
Jesus, you died for me.


Blogger Timmy C said...

beautiful ceryn. keep speaking your heart, it glorifies god SO much!!

12:18 PM  

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