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Sunday, December 04, 2005

RUCU Christmas Carol Service


Loved it tonight!

Was completely overwhelmed by how many people came - especially from Sherfield! WOW! And it was hilarious, as we were walking down we just kept bumping into people who joined was a bit reminiscent of the Pied Piper!

As I sat there before it started I felt so full of joy at knowing Jesus and SO full of joy at the fact that all these people were gonna get to hear about His birth and why He came....

And OF COURSE the icing on the cake was having a Welsh guy give the talk. Proper Welsh gospel passion there!

Yeah God - you're doing BIG stuff and I wanna serve you I wanna be telling people about you I wanna be living for You I wanna be more in the Word I wanna be more on fire.....I wanna see glory given to Your name.

Dunno what God's doin but I'm praying so much He'll keep filling us all with such a deep passion for His Name.....BRING IT ON!!!!!!


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Blogger thebluefish said...

YAAAYHH. Just the beginning...

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