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Sunday, December 04, 2005


Although I WAS listening intently during church this morning (promise! see below!) I also wrote a poem during the service...


This painful world
Full of sorrow;
Grief and sickness
Dreading tomorrow...

These empty days
Full of sin,
Blinded hearts
Cold therein...

This fleeting life,
My hurried days
Consume my thoughts,
Tired ways...

This though will pass
Ending pain,
When in glory
He will come again...

This eternity
Neverending praise,
When I will see Him
As He is...

This I seek
Pushing on,
A friend I have
In Jesus, strong...

This consuming,
I live for You,
Death is defeated -
The eternal view!



Blogger Timmy C said...

Perspectives indeed sis. Thanks for the reminder - so important to remember that we are only stopping here briefly, our eyes and hearts must be set on Jesus!!

2:56 PM  

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