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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Today I received a copy of the promo vid for Hope 2006 - Reading University Christian Union's (RUCU) events ('mission') week in February of the fast-approaching new year...

I nearly cried! I nearly cried when I watched it the first time in our last CU meeting of term. Why? Not because it's a fantastic vid (altho it IS amazing!!!) But because the excitement and passion of the gospel shines through it. Because it's inspiring. Because it reminded me of God's grace and it reminded me of exactly why I need to be shouting about it so much more clearly, and so much more loudly.

And why I need to be praying so much more about events week. Why I need to be praying so much more for my friends.

20th-24th February 2006. Please pray with/for us.

YEAH - BRING IT ON!!!!! :-)


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