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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Things I've been reading....Part 1!

So in amongst all the manic-ness which has occurred since I've been home, I've enjoyed reading. (That's reading, not Reading...! English is such a silly language! hehehehe...)
Unfortunately not much to do with my course....I need to do more! But when you love books as much as I do and you're thirsty for books that will aid your relationship with God and help you grow in that (other than the Bible, of course!), and you're faced with my parents bookshelves - well, the temptation is too great. In a few days - maybe after Christmas! - I plan to post some of my favourite quotes from the books I've managed to read in depth or even just skim. But right now, some quotes from things I read in work today (ahem, when I was 'in-between duties'....!)

Following on from Ed's post on friendship, my post on the same topic, and Bish's recent post on unity, I found this interesting....

"'Virtual' communities enable us to talk to people around the world, but the internet also isolates us. With fewer opportunities to interact with real people, the way we relate to our families, partners and friends has changed."
Jon Matthias, 'Family' Magazine (The magazine of Care for the Family) Spring 2006 Issue. Page 2. (View the magazine HERE.)

"Forgiveness is another area that is frequently misunderstood...Forgiveness isn't easy. It also isn't about saying 'It doesn't matter', .....If you are willing to forgive, to ditch your baggage and trust someone, that's friendship, that's love. It's about commitment, sticking with it when times are tough, seeing the best in someone. It's been said that a friend is 'the person who knows the worst thing about you, but doesn't hold it against you'. You can only do that if you love someone."
Rob Parsons, in 'Family', Spring 2006 Issue, pages 2-3.

I'm so glad God's the ultimate friend!!

On slightly different themes...

"Above all, we have a God who wants to save, regenerate and nurture. We couldn't do it without him - and I don't suppose we'd even try."
Living Stones Newsletter, No. 2, 2005. (Couldn't find a website for these guys but they're a voluntary organisation based in Cardiff working alongside men with, primarily, alcohol addictions, aiming to also bring them to a knowledge of Christ.)

"The church needs to be a loving family ready to truly welcome prodigals home...But that means asking some tough quesitons of ourselves...We need to ask what WE must do to change, so that we can hold a party fit for prodigals who return...We havne't grasped grace. Our faith is too narrow and fails to speak to the big issues in the world."


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