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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Distracted Much

Well I am.

I mean, who wants to read "It is such a lack of specification that allows the suggestion, on the evidence of different abilities in oral and written spelling in a dysgraphic patient, that there may be different graphemic output buffers for the production of letter names in speech and orthographic symbols in writing..."

When you can listen to things like "There is not one square inch of the entire creation over which Jesus Christ does not cry out 'This is mine'". Abraham Kuyper, quoted by Richard Cunningham, UCCF Forum 2004.

In an attempt to give myself a break from work (not that I deserve one, to be fair!), here's some more things I've been reading/listening to recently...See if you can spot the one I don't agree with!

"We are seeking a self-motivated and innovative person to work with our existing Therapist to provide services for the people of the Falkland Islands." Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists 'Bulletin' Mid-month Supplement, December 2005
(Well I don't know if I'm innovative enough and I think this very post proves I'm not self-motivated enough, but that ain't half tempting...! Maybe I'll get back there one day...)

"Britain's churches will be well on the way to extinction by 2040 with just 2% of the population attending Sunday services. That's the latest prediction from The Future of the Church report this summer." UCCF Annual Review, 2005

"We must allow our minds to be transformed. Not conformed - TRANSFORMED." Richard Cunningham, UCCF Forum 2004.

"Jesus I bow at your manger lowly, Now in my life let Your will be done, Live in my flesh by Your Spirit holy, Till Your kingdom comes." Graham Kendrick - 'Look to the Skies'.

"Not one of us can rightly say we are good enough exactly as we are." Mike Pritchard, 'Contact - December 2005' - The magazine of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Blackwood.

"When it comes to drinking and gambling, should we trust the Brits not to over-indulge in their new freedom? slip into 1950's Tory speak, it's a yes to trusting the people but, just as in Macmillan's day, with trust comes responsibility. What are the odds on that?" Mark Jarvis, BBC History Magazine, December 2005.

"When we get our priorities right and put the worship of God first, then everything else falls into place. When we put other things first - even other good things, other Christian things - then everything falls apart. It's as simple as that." Mike Pilavachi, 'Loving God' in 'Inside Out Worship' by Matt Redman and friends.

"We must build a church that allows people to sin. People must be allowed to get it wrong and find a way back." Idea Magazine, Jan/Feb/March 2000.

"You see, worship and the Word are inseparable. As worshippers....we must continually link our lives to the living Word of God...worship does not begin with music, but with God. In fact, everything begins with Him, the living Logos (word), the Alpha and the Omega - Beginning and End...When's the last time you were around people who were 'overflowing' with worship because of the impact God's Word was making in their lives? Songs alone don't change people. It's the truth that sets us free." Louie Giglio 'Searching the Psalms: Psalm 119' In 'Inside Out Worship' by Matt Redman and friends.

"43% of 16-24 year olds cite being nice to relatives they don't like as a cause of stress."
Readers Digest, January 2006.

"By 2010, 50% of 18-21 year olds in the UK will be studying in university or college. Of these 3.5 million students, 300,000 will be internationals. Most will know little of Jesus. This is a huge opportunity to share the good news of the gospel to a generation without Jesus and without hope." UCCF Annual Review, 2005.

"Opinion is split on just what the Magi were looking at when, according to the gospel of Matthew, they saw the star of the king of the Jews in the eastern sky and set off for Bethlehem...Astronomers have pored over the question for centuries, exploring theories that the star was a comet or a supernova." Cahal Milmo, The Independent, 24th December 2005. (Sigh. "pored over for centuries"....why do people spend so much time missing the point?)

"However hard we try to rub off those aspects of our lives such as prejudice, pride, stubbornness, self-will and the like, the stain of such sins will remain. However much we believe we have brightened up lives they can never and will never compare with the brightness of the Glory of God. So called 'New Year Resolutions' will most certainly fail us too...But there is a way to resolve the problem and it's - put out of your mind what it is you can do, let God do what He can do." Mike Pritchard, 'Contact, December 2005' - The magazine of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Blackwood.

"While Hinduism and Buddhism are very different in their approach to deities...both encourage the believer to look for god within their own human nature. Not so the monotheistic faiths. The God of Judaism, Christianity and Islam is demanding and angry...No surprise, then, that for 1,000 years and more religion has become inextricably associated with warfare and violence." Hugh Costello, 'Review of 'The Story of God' (TV Programme)', BBC History Magazine, December 2005.
(Could write a WHOLE separate blog post on that one! Maybe I will, unless any of you beat me to it!)

"It's easy to praise when everything is going according to plan. It's more of a challenge when everything around us is falling to pieces. It takes great faith to say 'You are good' when life is incredibly hard. But God is good and forever worthy or our praise. This is not dependent on our feelings. Day and night, always the same, God deserves our highest praise. We will find great comfort and healing in the Church by allowing space to be honest and real about how we really feel. To allow questions and doubts to rise, but in that place to respond to God by worshipping His holy name." Tim Hughes, in 'Inside Out Worship' by Matt Redman and friends.

"Collective worship in schools should be scrapped because it is 'unworkable', the leader of headteachers said...'Compulsory worship is a contradiction in terms. Ordering a student to worship is like ordering them to enjoy mathematics'." John Dunford, general secretary of the Secondary Heads' Association, quoted in The Independent, 24th December 2005. (Man's got a point, but still not quite sure what I think of that one...answers on a comment page!)

So, some food for thought there for y'all....! Have tried to resist commenting on them as much as I can. I'm sure as I mull some of those quotes over in the next few days I'll have some posts based on them...! But, ending on this last one, it's back to the books for me...

"Does your faith go with you into lectures? Or do you leave it behind in church/CU? Does your mind go with you into church/CU? Or do you leave it behind in the lecture hall? The worship that's acceptable to God is to offer all we are, all we do, all we think as a living sacrifice....
Life doesn't easily divide into secular and sacred, into spiritual and physical. All that we do, Monday to Saturday, and including Sunday, is to be acceptable worship."
Richard Cunningham, UCCF Forum 2004.


Blogger Jonny:) said...

Yes much distracted by the look of it! ;)

2:43 PM  
Blogger Timmy C said...

Ceryn, you have an evil degree. Even Orthogonalisation doesn't have a patch on that!

3:46 PM  

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