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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Rockets and Chickaroos

Conversational analysis takes soooooooooooooooo long!

Interesting, just SO time consuming! And I'm never gonna be able to stick to a 3000 word limit.

There was a rocket on campus today.

My nana's got a cordless phone and she's really excited! I was the first to phone her on it apparently. Chuffed!

All my Welsh cakes are gone.

God's grace and faithfulness astound me.

Imagine a cross between a chicken and a kangaroo. A chickaroo!! (now that's GOTTA make you smile!)

My uncle can be very random at times.

My cousin's 11 tomorrow. Scary. I feel old.

My arm hurts.

I was 25 minutes ahead of everyone this morning. Seriously. Funny story!

I've got lights on my bike! (Thanks Tim!)

I had company for lunch! (Thanks Sally!)

I've got a lot of work.

I'm gonna go do it!


Blogger Sally said...

You had Welshcakes!?

And I was very grateful for the lunchtime company too. :o)

4:27 PM  

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