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Saturday, January 07, 2006

I'm 71!!!

Ha, at this time of night (morning!) I feel it!

Actually, it's in reference to the fact that apparently this is my 71st post!

Not bad going! Well, I actually suppose it's to be expected considering how much I waffle!

Had to turn Jess's kind offer of pizza (and of course the pleasure of her company!) down tonight which was gutting! Love being 4th year but hate it at the same time! But then, good job I did coz.......

I've finished my data analysis write up! Woohoo!!! And finished case study on Tuesday so that's it! Done! "Dance, dance, everybody dance...!" ahem.

Well, kinda! Case study needs editing and polishing off - 500 words over the word limit (waffle!).

Analysis essay type thing - nearly 1000 words too many! (Told you I wouldn't stick to a 3000 word limit!)

It's ok, at least I've DONE it in terms of done the analysis, gathered together the references I wanted and included the info I wanted to...ha! Now I get to take half of it out! Well, no, I just get to remove my very long-winded way of putting things.

Kinda like this post. This entire blog really!

So a bit of editing tomorrow and then it's dissertation. Hang on, what's that?! I've nearly forgotten! Saw my dissertation supervisor coming down the corridor the other day and ran the other way! Not one of my proudest moments...! But proves how far behind I am, how much work it's gonna take, and how much that's gonna hurt!

But it's all good.

Know why?


HOW amazing is that?!
"You are holy in this place
You are worthy of my praise and we worship you
Jesus we worship You
You're the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords
You're the master of the universe
You're the ruler of all nations
And we sing to you
When you call my name I'll run to You
I'll do anything You ask me to
Falling on my knees I worship You, my Lord,
We give You GLORY."
'Glory' - Casting Crowns
On that note people, I'm off to bed....if I can find it amongst all the paper! Ahhh....


Blogger Timmy C said...

you, waffle? never! keep it up shortness, u'll grow some day!

11:04 AM  

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