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Monday, December 16, 2013

Why I really hope Santa isn't real...

Bah humbug. Would you believe I've been accused of that attitude recently?! 

 Whilst you can have no fear that I will be telling your children Santa isn't real, I kinda hope he's not. Why? Thought you'd never ask... 

1. I'm not nice. 
Really, it's true! Not nice enough, anyway. I try...but I don't always keep my promises, I don't always forgive (at least not easily), I don't always share and SOMETIMES (don't tell anyone) I've even been known to pout...

I'm not good at maintaining my nice-ness for any length of time. Not long enough, at least, to stay on 'the' list. So I worry that Santa won't bring me the coveted present. I know I should be on the naughty list and, yes, that makes me want to cry. 

Having said that, I know I'm not ALL naughty. I am good sometimes. I can be kind and thoughtful if I really put my mind to it. I can even stop the pouting if really pushed. And besides, I'm better than most people. I don't intentionally hurt anyone - I've never killed anyone, I don't lie, I pay my taxes (and fix my headlights when the police tell me to). 

So maybe I WILL make the list after all. But I don't like this pressure of not quite knowing what Santa's standards are. What's his measure of 'naughty' and 'nice'? How many nice things do you have to do to outweigh the naughty? AND, if you're being nice just to get on the list then does he count that or does he dismiss it as not genuine because you have done it with false motives...? (In effect, can Santa disqualify you...?)

I don't really feel I know where I am with Santa. I wish he'd either give me a very clear list of things to do to get on his nice list, or I'd rather not have to try and meet these ambiguous standards at all. 

2. He only comes once a year. 
I mean, really. He makes us work hard at being nice (and sometimes, it really is hard work isn't it?) and the only reward we get for that is presents ONCE a year? I feel deserving of rewards at least once a week for the effort I put in sometimes. And also, it's not like he offers any other help or incentives. It's quite a lot to ask really, in my humble opinion. (For the purposes of getting on the list, I am at least trying to work on my humility - and also, I don't want to insult him too much.) 

And besides, I LIKE getting presents. I like the feeling it gives me. I like the excitement. But it fades so quickly. Having to wait a WHOLE YEAR is excruciating. 

3. He keeps coming back. 
Forgive me if this seems contradictory to point number 2. Let me explain. I get tired of trying to be nice. 

You get to Christmas morning have presents! Hurrah, you've made it. You've been good, you're on the nice list, somehow your efforts have prevailed and good deeds have outweighed the bad (in other words, no matter what the song says, Santa can't have seen EVERYTHING you've done or thought this year...) 

But. It's boxing day. It all has to start again if you've any hope of feeling the same Christmas day joy again next year. Hang on. When does Santa start counting? When does he start his new list? Does he have Christmas day off, or is that when it starts again? If so - now wait - WHAT did I say / do / think yesterday.........??? 

4. I don't actually know who he is. 
When I think about it, why do I get so excited about a dude in a red suit who has no interest in my life for the rest of the year, apart from to judge me on whether I meet his criteria (whatever they are) or not? 

I don't have any sort of relationship with Santa. I don't know what he likes, I don't know what he doesn't like (as we've discussed, that's half the problem). I don't know where his house is (not precise co-ordinates in any case). He's not the sort of person you can drop in on for a cuppa. He doesn't share anything of himself with me. 

And so when I think about it, the idea of him knowing when I'm sleeping / awake is ever so slightly creepy... In fact though, to be perfectly honest I forget about him for 11 months of the year. All this trying to be nice all year to stay on the list business has gotten old now. I don't need to think about him. 

Until I get to December. And then think I'd better start. Y'know, just in case... 

Well. If you're a Christian, hopefully there's enough irony in this post for you to catch my drift. If you're not - I kinda hope the same is true for you! 

Because we all know that Santa isn't real (at least I hope you do by now if you've read this far - otherwise - oops!). I don't want to take away from the nice story. I have no real objection to kids thinking he is. 

But I object to Christmas being all about him. Because he is not it. He is not enough. 

If Christmas is just about Santa, and just about presents, and just about that warm fuzzy glow we get (mulled wine) - then pack up, go home, stop wasting your money, and bah humbug. Because really, if that's it, what's the point? 

There must be more. And the good news of Christmas is that there is. 

Because everything that Santa ISN'T - Jesus IS. 

The Jesus I know, the Jesus portrayed in the Bible, isn't a far off ghost or dead guy. He's not someone imaginary. He's not a stranger. He's real. 

And He's interested in everything about me. Not to condemn me, either. 

He's not keeping a list. He's dealt with all the lists you can think of. He's not a God of karma. He's a God of grace. And justice. And yes, the two DO go together. 

He's not around just once a year. He's always close. He's always near. He's always ready to carry my burdens. 

He doesn't need to keep coming back. He will, one day, when He chooses to bring this world to its conclusion. But for the moment, He doesn't need to. He's done it all. He died once, because that's all that was needed. His death and resurrection have dealt with everything that everyone who trusts in Him has done or will do. ONCE for ALL. 

So - I really hope Santa doesn't exist. Because he actually gives me no hope and no real lasting joy.  Santa is NOT joy to the world.

And I don't hope Jesus exists. 

I know he does. And I know that in this day and age that sounds crazy (to be fair, it's probably sounded crazy in every 'day and age'). 

But - what if...? 

Do some digging. 

Let that seed be planted. 

Find out for yourself. 

And...have a happy Christmas.


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