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Monday, September 01, 2008

Back I went...

This week I did something I had wondered whether I'd ever do again.

I returned to an EMW camp as an officer. I have been a participant in EMW (Evangelical Movement of Wales) camps, either as a camper or a kitchen helper or an officer since the age of 10. That's a long time. So a three year break shouldn't have seemed like such a big deal, but it felt like it! For many personal reasons.

But, thanks to a lot of nagging from Dan, the leader (I think more because he was desperate than because he wanted me!), and a bit more of a push from God I went back. Even mid-way through the week I was still feeling very unsure about whether it was the right thing to do.

But now I'm back home, man do I realise how much I have missed it and just how encouraged and challenged I am as a result of that week. And just how much more I want to live my life serving Christ and His Kingdom.

To spend a week with 60+ 14-18 year olds and a team of very different leaders, 90% of whom I'd never met, didn't exactly seem like my idea of fun. Add to that lying on the floor, not very much sleep, a lot of exhausting activities and the need to be giving, giving, giving all the time, not to mention no time alone for a week - and they would be my reasons for not going back!

How selfish I am. I am suitably rebuked.

The team were lush, each of them encouraging in their own God-given way, and it's always exciting meeting new people who are Christians - there's an instant bond.

The campers were equally lush. A lot of fun to spend the week with. And more importantly, they encouraged me more than I can put into words. Anyone who stands up for Christ and demonstrates a desire to grow in Him and see their friends converted spurs me on. But when a teenager who has a whole lot of temptations to deal with and various other things going on in life does the same, I'm simply bowled over.

Yes it was camp. Yes it was a bit of an unrealistic bubble of a week. But I really believe they meant their words and prayers and actions. And am praying that they grow and grow, each one of them who knows Christ. And for those who don't - praising the Lord that they weren't at that camp by accident, that He drew them, and praying He would continue drawing them towards Himself.

What a joy it is to be part of God's Kingdom and to serve Him in it!


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