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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In other news

It's August (would you believe)...which means Facebook has been showing me a lot of wedding pictures lately.

Most of them have been of the weddings of people who aren't Christians. One I looked at tonight really struck me.

It looked amazing. I mean, really. Everything just looked perfect and everyone looked beautiful and the cake was amazing and the venue was stunning and the flowers were beautiful and the HUGE wedding party were dressed to the nines in what looked like designer wedding gear.

It looked expensive. Like, really expensive!

And that, to be fair, was what impressed me, wasn't it.

And then there's the obligatory pictures of everyone a little worse for wear in the evening and suddenly the flowers are droopy, the clothes shabby, cake dismantled, the people decidedly less beautiful and the venue just doesn't look like anything much in the dark.

Tomorrow I'm going to a wedding of some Christian friends. And when they get married, it will be beautiful.

They will look wonderful, the wedding party will be dressed to the nines and the flowers will make all the women go "ahhh". The food will be lovely and the venue is, to be fair, fantastic.

But that is not what will impress me tomorrow.

What will impress me tomorrow is the memory that these two people trust their lives to God's leading, and will do the same with their marriage. What will impress me tomorrow is the reminder of Christ and the Church. What will be impressed upon me tomorrow, is a glorious picture of heaven.

And unlike the photos I saw on FB earlier, The Wedding Feast will not fade. The flowers will not wilt and the clothes will not loosen and the food will remain plentiful and the people will be beautiful and the venue...well. It will not suddenly all become meaningless and empty. It will be complete. We will be complete.

We will stand before Jesus. And it won't be about money or show or having a good time. It will be about Him.


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