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Wednesday, January 14, 2009



it's been a while, and there have been comments on this, so it turns out people do read this rambling monologue after all.

weird, huh.

i can't write anything coherent and to be honest i'd all but forgotten about this blog malarky. But some current thoughts:

i like cold, fresh weather. love it, in fact.

where's the balance between not being sucked into a Christian bubble, and building and encouraging and supporting the Church?

I LOVE Church. Capitol C and not. Worldwide and local. Love it.

life is weird. innit though.

i forget stuff so easily.

i like living in cardiff.

i need to be more responsible about and take more seriously the need to remind myself of gospel truths. every day. every hour, matter of fact.

people need to be loved.

Mornings are proper hard. Like, really.

i need to be more gracious.

i hate money.

Jesus saves. Actually, really, properly does.

I am blessed. Actually, really, properly blessed.

i need to honour God in my job. And work out with Him exactly what that means.

i like learning Welsh. Dwi'n hoffi dysgu Cymraeg.

nos da.


Blogger Nathan said...

And I thought my head inards were a strange place...

9:15 AM  
Blogger Timmy C said...

Great to see you've not changed a bit Ceryn; still as random as ever ;)

12:49 AM  

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