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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Stuff, parents, 'net, and new site...Ceryn returns to the blogging world!

I have stuff!

I probably shouldn't be so excited but it's nice to have my room look like my room! Almost. (Still lots of photos to put up on the walls!) It's starting to feel more like home here already.

My parents came down late Friday afo and stayed till Saturday which was nice. Got to explore a bit more of Portsmouth with them in tow. Took them to Gunwharf, which was a mistake, coz dad just wanted to go look at the ships and mam wanted to go shopping! But we managed a healthy compromise...we went for a meal! Dad also enjoyed dragging me round the historic dockyard on Saturday afternoon, after a long walk up and down the beach. Normally I'd enjoy it but by this point was ready for bed!

Now my stuff is pretty much all unpacked and my computer is up and running. Although I have to say, I really haven't missed it! I've missed music, and it's been a little bit frustrating knowing I had emails I needed to read but couldn't...but to be honest it was nice to have a break from the internet for a bit!

Right, I'm off to do some work. Oh but before I go, my brother Nathan has a new site. Maybe he'll update this one a bit more frequently...!



Blogger nicolalouise said...


i drove through portsmouth today! i waved! and i was going to phone you for a surprise visit but i didn't have your number, so it didn't go well. have you been up the tower yet? hope all is fun! xxx

12:12 PM  
Blogger Nathan said...

Thats the plan! Life just isn't exciting enought though sometimes to write about! Found your blog again now though ( gonna bookmark it now and add a link from my site :-) )

5:59 AM  

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