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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Gonna fix my eyes on Jesus and just keep a-walking

I've had serious pangs of what Jess and I have affectionately termed 'the fear' as regards Relay over the past couple days, more so than I ever have up until now! Mainly finances, and all the stuff I need/want to do before Relay starts.

Isn't it great how God reassures you just when you need it? Last night some friends gave me a donation from their church. Not from them, from their church! A church I've been to oh let me think, erm...twice! Once for their daughter's baptisms and once for their oldest daughter's 'commissioning service' before her year working for Careforce in London. I don't know them, but they want to give me money. I can't think about why or my head will explode. Pretty much like what happens when I try to understand grace.

And then later on in the evening as we retired from the garden into the warm house and dad and Jeff played away on piano and guitar, they played this song. I don't know the name of the writer, so my apologies for that. If you know please tell me! Anyway, it goes like this:

"Though I feel afraid of territory unknown,
I know that I can say that I do not stand alone.
For Jesus you have promised you presence in my heart;
I cannot see the ending, but it's here that I must start.

And all I know
is you have called me,
and that I will follow is all I can say.
I will go where you will send me
and your fire lights my way.

What lies across the waves may cause my heart to fear;
will I survive the day,
must I leave what's known and dear?
A ship that's in the harbour is still and safe from harm
But it was not meant to be there,
it was built for wind and storm."

How true is that?! I don't know what the coming year will bring. I don't know what the years after that will bring. But then, I didn't know what uni would bring and look how great that turned out to be.

I could ramble on for ages but the bottom line is that I don't need to know. I need to only remember (and make sure that I always) am following Jesus. I am simply going where He leads me and follow Him always. Because I can trust Him.

And then just now I was flicking through some of dad's songs and came across these words in one of them:

"Walking on the water is impossible to do
unless I look up from the waves and focus in on You.
Lord Jesus you are calling me to come and walk Your way
to leave the safety of my boat and follow You today."

So I need to day at a time, each day with my eyes fixed on Jesus. It's actually quite exciting. "Good morning, Lord. So what you got planned for me today then? Let's find out together!"


Blogger Anna said...

Hey hun! Thankyou for sharing this, i really needed to hear those song lyrics. You have put a smile on my face in tough times and reminded me of the wonder that is Jesus. Thankyou!


9:25 AM  
Blogger Bethan said...

I'm reminded of a children's song we sometimes sing at church:
'Step by Step, On and On, we will walk with Jesus till the journey's done.
Step by Step, Day by Day, because Jesus is the living way....

He's the one to follow in his footsteps we will tread.
Don't worry about tomorrow, Jesus knows the way ahead.
Oh-oh, Step by Step..!'
Good stuff!!!

2:26 PM  

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